Dangerous Song & Bukhu

The incredible Mongolian overtone throat singing of Bukhchuluun Ganburged. Looped sounds of endangered species played on a digital wind instrument by Linsey Pollak and the extraordinary voice of Lizzie O’Keefe.

‘Dangerous Song’ is Linsey Pollak and Lizzie O'Keefe. Linsey plays endangered animal calls using a digital wind instrument. He ‘live loops’ layers of music using those animal sounds. Lizzie O'Keefe is an incredibly versatile singer with an unbelievable range and an absolutely beautiful voice. She works across genres and is an extraordinary improviser. This is a musical journey that takes us into a world of sound where the human and the animal combine, a sort of sonic morphing - a new musical language with structured, yet very free improvisation at its core.

In this project they are joined by Bukhchuluun Ganburged (Bukhu) who is a master musician performing the folk music of Mongolia, and exploring the aural dimensions of sounds generated by traditional instruments and harmonic overtone vocal techniques. Bukhu combines virtuosic Morin Khuur (Horse Head Fiddle) and Khuumii (Harmonic Overtone Throat Singing). Bukhu’s music has a contemporary take on the tradition of Mongolian bards of ancient times.

The combination of these three musicians is extraordinary with two very different but totally enchanting voices floating in a bed of sound created by the sounds of Humpback Whales, Giant Lemurs, Gibbons and other animal calls as well as Bukhu’s incredible Horsehead fiddle.

The Creative Team

Bukhu - Horse Head Fiddle and Harmonic Overtone Throat Singing

Website - www.horsefiddle.com

Video of TEDx performance - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xa0v0pT9flo

Linsey Pollak - Live looping endangered animal calls using midi wind controller


Lizzie O’Keefe - Voice